Welcome to Drain the Chains!

Or why a blog just about putting?

This is to be a blog about putting in disc golf. Why just putting? I have been playing disc golf for many years and competing in PDGA tournaments for the last 8 years. It continues to amaze my both how many tournaments can come down to one made or missed putts. And yet we still all focus on the glory of throwing that perfect 500 foot drive instead of focusing on the strokes consistent putting can save.  We all need to spend some more time on draining putts as  in a typical round putts could make up 1/3 to a 1/2 of the strokes.

It amuses me the number of times hanging out having beer with friends after at tournament that the favorite topic is about how they would done great if they hadn’t missed the couple 15 foot putts. And yet when we go out to buy new discs and out to play and practice it seems like we all focus on getting that extra distance and reaching that elusive 400 foot or 500 foot range. You never hear folks bragging about the 16 holes where they made the short putt. Part of this blog is to help with the mental approach where we focus our brain on the positive thoughts so that we reinforce good behavior. And part of it will be providing analysis of techniques and practice drills to help make putting automatic.

I believe putting well has multiple benefits. The obvious one is lower scores. But I also know that the weight of carrying a missed opportunity in your head can put you on tilt and affect your shots on the next hole or even through out the round and tournament. So while i focus on better putting i will also focus on improving the mental game to remove doubt and forget about problems immediately so that the mind is clear and focused.

I admit that much of this has selfish goals. Like everyone else there are days when I cant miss a putt and days when I feel I cant make a putt. I hate the days where I feel like I have to change to a straddle putt or a turbo putt to make sure I make the short putts. So I want to find the secret of great putting. While working on this blog I plan to review what is out in the wild in terms of disc golf putting videos and writings, ball golf putting videos and writings. I also plan to interview as many golfers as I can with a focus on the pros to try to figure out how to be a truly great and consistent putter.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can all drain those chains!


Author: marcuserickson

Software developer, disc golfer, dad. Pursuer of the ultimate chain draining consistency in putting.

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